NHSMUN 2020 Country Matrix

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The table below indicates which countries are represented in each of the NHSMUN 2020 committees. This will help you determine which country/committee preferences you choose to submit during registration. Each row represents a distinct country, and each column represents a committee. If there is a check mark in the cell, it means that the country is represented in that particular committee.

Tab 1, Committees, shows the countries represented on each of the indicated NHSMUN 2020 committees.

  • Size (# Del) Column: The size column indicates the minimum and maximum number of delegates who can fit within that country's size. Your delegation size should fall between these two numbers, and as a general rule, should be near the higher number. For example, a country with a size of 10-18 can accommodate between 10-18 students. In many cases, schools with larger groups of students will need to represent two or more countries.
  • Single or Double Delegation: Next to each committee abbreviation in the top row, you will see a number in parentheses, which indicates the number of delegates who may represent a country in that committee (e.g. (2) indicates double delegation committees). While it is often advisable that you put the maximum number of delegates in each committee, it is not absolutely required that you do so.
  • Sorting: Each column (including the size column) can be sorted by clicking on the first row. This is useful if you want to see which countries are represented in one specific committee, or if you want to sort by size.
  • Search: The search box (above and to the right of the header row) allows you to filter the rows by your search term. For example, entering "Zimbabwe" will search the table for rows including the term Zimbabwe. You can also search for numbers as well. Searching "18," for example, will return all countries that have a maximum size of 18 delegates.

Tab 2, Specialized Agencies, displays the countries or roles represented on the NHSMUN 2020 specialized agencies. Assignments on the specialized agencies are optional and are assigned separately from those on the committees from tab 1. As such, specialized agencies are not included in the size count of the countries on that tab. If you request placement on a specialized agency, please take this into account when considering the maximum and minimum sizes of your preferred countries. For example, if you have 21 students in your delegation and want to request one seat on a single-delegate specialized agency, you could then request a country with 20 seats on the standard committee tab (one fewer than 21).

Country Size (# Del) C34 (2) CCPCJ (1) CoEU (2) CSW (2) DISEC (2) IAEA (2) IBRD (2) IFAD (2) IOM (2) SOCHUM (2) SPECPOL (2) UNCTAD (2) UNEA (2) UNESCO (2) UNHRC (1) UNICEF (2) UNPBC (2) UNPFII (2) UNTOC (2) UNWTO (2) WHA (2) Country
Afghanistan 10-18 Afghanistan
Albania 3-6 Albania
Algeria 10-19 Algeria
Angola 9-17 Angola
Antigua and Barbuda 7-14 Antigua and Barbuda
Argentina 10-19 Argentina
Armenia 9-18 Armenia
Australia 12-23 Australia
Austria 7-12 Austria
Azerbaijan 5-10 Azerbaijan
Bahamas 9-17 Bahamas
Bahrain 5-9 Bahrain
Bangladesh 10-19 Bangladesh
Belarus 8-15 Belarus
Belgium 7-14 Belgium
Belize 5-10 Belize
Benin 4-8 Benin
Bhutan 4-8 Bhutan
Bolivia 5-9 Bolivia
Bosnia and Herzegovina 5-10 Bosnia and Herzegovina
Botswana 9-18 Botswana
Brazil 15-28 Brazil
Brunei Darussalam 4-8 Brunei Darussalam
Bulgaria 6-10 Bulgaria
Burkina Faso 7-12 Burkina Faso
Burundi 8-16 Burundi
Cabo Verde 3-6 Cabo Verde
Cambodia 6-12 Cambodia
Cameroon 5-9 Cameroon
Canada 11-22 Canada
Central African Republic 6-12 Central African Republic
Chad 7-14 Chad
Chile 9-17 Chile
China 16-30 China
Colombia 11-21 Colombia
Comoros 4-8 Comoros
Congo (Republic of the) 6-12 Congo (Republic of the)
Costa Rica 9-18 Costa Rica
Côte d’Ivoire 5-10 Côte d’Ivoire
Croatia 4-7 Croatia
Cuba 10-18 Cuba
Cyprus 6-12 Cyprus
Czechia 11-21 Czechia
Democratic People's Republic of Korea 5-10 Democratic People's Republic of Korea
Democratic Republic of the Congo 8-15 Democratic Republic of the Congo
Denmark 7-13 Denmark
Djibouti 5-10 Djibouti
Dominican Republic 7-14 Dominican Republic
Ecuador 9-17 Ecuador
Egypt 11-20 Egypt
El Salvador 8-16 El Salvador
Equatorial Guinea 5-10 Equatorial Guinea
Eritrea 11-20 Eritrea
Estonia 5-10 Estonia
Eswatini (formerly Swaziland) 8-15 Eswatini (formerly Swaziland)
Ethiopia 8-16 Ethiopia
Fiji 5-9 Fiji
Finland 5-10 Finland
France 16-31 France
Gabon 8-16 Gabon
Gambia 7-14 Gambia
Georgia 7-14 Georgia
Germany 16-31 Germany
Ghana 8-16 Ghana
Greece 7-14 Greece
Grenada 4-8 Grenada
Guatemala 8-15 Guatemala
Guinea 6-12 Guinea
Guinea-Bissau 7-14 Guinea-Bissau
Guyana 6-12 Guyana
Haiti 4-8 Haiti
Honduras 7-14 Honduras
Hungary 7-13 Hungary
Iceland 6-11 Iceland
India 15-28 India
Indonesia 8-15 Indonesia
Iran 12-23 Iran
Iraq 10-18 Iraq
Ireland 7-14 Ireland
Israel 8-16 Israel
Italy 12-22 Italy
Jamaica 4-8 Jamaica
Japan 12-22 Japan
Jordan 8-16 Jordan
Kazakhstan 9-18 Kazakhstan
Kenya 11-21 Kenya
Kuwait 6-11 Kuwait
Kyrgyzstan 9-18 Kyrgyzstan
Laos 5-10 Laos
Latvia 8-16 Latvia
Lebanon 7-14 Lebanon
Lesotho 4-8 Lesotho
Liberia 7-14 Liberia
Libya 10-20 Libya
Lithuania 7-14 Lithuania
Luxembourg 8-16 Luxembourg
Madagascar 6-12 Madagascar
Malawi 4-8 Malawi
Malaysia 8-16 Malaysia
Maldives 4-8 Maldives
Mali 10-20 Mali
Malta 5-10 Malta
Mauritania 7-13 Mauritania
Mauritius 5-9 Mauritius
Mexico 14-26 Mexico
Monaco 5-10 Monaco
Mongolia 10-20 Mongolia
Montenegro 10-20 Montenegro
Morocco 9-17 Morocco
Mozambique 9-18 Mozambique
Myanmar 6-12 Myanmar
Namibia 6-12 Namibia
Nauru 4-8 Nauru
Nepal 10-19 Nepal
Netherlands 10-20 Netherlands
New Zealand 5-10 New Zealand
Nicaragua 5-10 Nicaragua
Niger 10-20 Niger
Nigeria 14-26 Nigeria
North Macedonia 9-18 North Macedonia
Norway 5-10 Norway
Oman 8-16 Oman
Pakistan 13-25 Pakistan
Palau 3-6 Palau
Panama 6-12 Panama
Papua New Guinea 3-6 Papua New Guinea
Paraguay 7-14 Paraguay
Peru 10-19 Peru
Philippines 6-11 Philippines
Poland 7-14 Poland
Portugal 9-18 Portugal
Qatar 8-15 Qatar
Republic of Korea 12-24 Republic of Korea
Republic of Moldova 7-14 Republic of Moldova
Romania 6-12 Romania
Russian Federation 16-31 Russian Federation
Rwanda 9-17 Rwanda
Saint Kitts and Nevis 4-8 Saint Kitts and Nevis
Saint Lucia 4-8 Saint Lucia
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines 6-12 Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
Saudi Arabia 14-27 Saudi Arabia
Senegal 4-7 Senegal
Serbia 5-10 Serbia
Sierra Leone 9-18 Sierra Leone
Singapore 4-8 Singapore
Slovakia 10-19 Slovakia
Slovenia 4-8 Slovenia
Solomon Islands 4-8 Solomon Islands
Somalia 6-11 Somalia
South Africa 10-18 South Africa
South Sudan 3-6 South Sudan
Spain 11-21 Spain
Sudan 11-22 Sudan
Sweden 7-14 Sweden
Switzerland 6-12 Switzerland
Syria 10-20 Syria
Tajikistan 6-12 Tajikistan
Thailand 13-25 Thailand
Timor-Leste 3-6 Timor-Leste
Togo 7-12 Togo
Tonga 3-6 Tonga
Trinidad and Tobago 8-16 Trinidad and Tobago
Tunisia 6-11 Tunisia
Turkey 13-25 Turkey
Turkmenistan 9-18 Turkmenistan
Tuvalu 3-6 Tuvalu
Uganda 6-12 Uganda
Ukraine 7-13 Ukraine
United Arab Emirates 6-12 United Arab Emirates
United Kingdom 17-32 United Kingdom
United Republic of Tanzania 5-10 United Republic of Tanzania
United States of America 17-33 United States of America
Uruguay 7-12 Uruguay
Uzbekistan 7-14 Uzbekistan
Venezuela 13-26 Venezuela
Viet Nam 8-16 Viet Nam
Yemen 5-10 Yemen
Zambia 5-10 Zambia
Zimbabwe 6-12 Zimbabwe
Country/Role Crisis: Libya (1) Crisis: SIGINT (1) H Crisis (1) HSC (2) ICC (1) ICJ (1) UNSC (2)
Chairman, Committee for Communication
Chairman, Committee for Displaced Persons
Chairman, Committee for Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation
Chairman, Defense and National Security Committee
Chairman, Energy and National Resources Committee
Chairman, Health and Environment Committee
Chairman, High Council of State
Chairman, Justice and National Reconciliation Commission
Chairman, Legislative and Constitutional Committee
Chairman, Management and Local Governance Committee
Chairman, Planning, Finance, and General Budget Committee
Chairman, Public Freedoms and Human Rights Committee
Deputy Chairman, Committee for Economy, Trade, and Investment
Deputy Prime Minister and Deputy Chairman of the Presidential Council
General of the LNA
Interim Speaker, House of Representatives
President, House of Representatives
Prime Minister and Chairman of the Presidential Council
Assistant Chief of Staff, Belgian General Intelligence and Security Service (BE)
CEO, National Cybersecurity Centre (UK)
Chief, Communications Security Establishment (CA)
Director General, Intelligence and Effects Director (UK)
Director, Australian Signals Directorate (AU)
Director, Canadian Security Intelligence Service, Canada (CA)
Director, Cybersecurity Directorate (US)
Director, Danish Defence Intelligence Service (DK)
Director, General Directorate for External Security (FR)
Director, Government Communications Security Bureau (NZ)
Director, National Intelligence Centre (ES)
Director, Signals Intelligence Directorate (US)
Director-General, Australian Secret Intelligence Service, Australia (AU)
Director-General, Department of Information Security (IT)
Director-General, General Intelligence Security Service (NL)
Director-General, National Defence Radio Establishment (SE)
Lieutenant General, Norwegian Intelligence Service (NO)
President, Federal Intelligence Service (DE)
Chancellor of the Exchequer
Chief Secretary for Ireland
First Lord of the Admiralty
Leader of the Opposition
Lord Chancellor
Minister of Munitions
Minister Without Portfolio (John Redmond)
President of the Board of Agriculture and Fisheries
President of the Board of Education
President of the Board of Trade
President of the Local Government Board
Secretary for Scotland
Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs
Secretary of State for the Colonies
Secretary of State for the Home Department
Secretary of State for War
Solicitor General for Ireland
Australia (HSC)
Bulgaria (HSC)
China (HSC)
Denmark (HSC)
France (HSC)
Ghana (HSC)
Madagascar (HSC)
Republic of the Congo (HSC)
Thailand (HSC)
Trinidad and Tobago (HSC)
Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (HSC)
United Arab Emirates (HSC)
United Kingdom (HSC)
United States of America (HSC)
Venezuela (HSC)
ICC Judge (18 total)
ICJ Judge (15 total)
Belgium (UNSC)
China (UNSC)
Dominican Republic (UNSC)
Estonia (UNSC)
France (UNSC)
Germany (UNSC)
Indonesia (UNSC)
Niger (UNSC)
Russian Federation (UNSC)
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines (UNSC)
South Africa (UNSC)
Tunisia (UNSC)
United Kingdom (UNSC)
United States of America (UNSC)
Viet Nam (UNSC)